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The L’Arche Hamilton Day Program and Office is located at 664 Main Street East. Our Day Program officially launched the Creative Hands Art Studio in 2006 and has storefront hours at our location on Fridays, between 10:30–2:30pm.

Sherman HouseSherman House is located on Sherman Avenue South and was founded in 1983. Sherman House is home to 5 Core Members and 3 live-in assistants. Two of the core members in this home have lived at Sherman House for over 30 years, making it truly their home.

Holton House is located on Holton Avenue South and was founded in 1987. There are 4 Core Members and 3 live-in assistants who live at and call Holton House “home”.

Charbonneau House was founded in 2005 and was named after one of our founding Core Members who has since passed away—a memorable man named Roger Charbonneau. Charbonneau House is home to 4 Core Members, 3 of whom have been part of the L’Arche Hamilton community for over 30 years and one who is one of our founding Core Members. There are also 3 live-in assistants who live along-side the Core Members at Charbonneau, creating mutual and supportive relationships.

Cornerstone House was founded in 2008 and is distinguished–looking home on the corner of Dunsmure Rd. and Fairholt Rd. South, with a fieldstone foundation—giving it its unique name. Four Core Members and 3 live-in assistants share life and create home together at Cornerstone House.

The Ladies Bungalow is connected to Cornerstone House and was also founded in 2008. It is home to three women who are part of our SIL (Supported Independent Living) program, one whom is a founding Core Member. The Bungalow also houses our Prayer Space, where the community meets for Common Worship on a bi-weekly basis.

In our homes, chores and responsibilities are shared. Outside of the home, Core Members attend a variety of programs, including day programs, life skills programs, supported employment, and leisure programs. Weekends and evenings are times for outings, recreation and relaxation.


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