Our Impact

Without L’Arche

Imagine a life of loneliness as a person with an intellectual disability.

You find yourself often alone at home, accompanied only by a television, for more than eight hours of the day. Your parents, tired and in need of respite, often work two jobs to help sustain you and other members of your family. Your school days behind you, you no longer see your friends and you have lost the daily routine that used to bring meaning to your days. There’s got to be more to life than this. You have so much life to share, and so many emotions that are bottled up the more days you spend alone, which you don’t know how to express or what to do with.

Your siblings are moving out to begin the next phase of their lives and you don’t know why your life isn’t changing. Why can’t you get out and do all the things you dream of doing? You don’t know, but your parents seem to know. They know that so many just like you are on waiting lists, but there is not enough funding to allow L’Arche to welcome you… why not?

Our Impact in Hamilton

In Hamilton and surrounding areas, there are over 3,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities who are on waiting lists.

  • 20 core members in 5 L’Arche Hamilton homes
    • 3 core members live semi-independently (SIL—Supported Independent Living)
    • Our core members give back to our neighbourhood. They volunteer and work in coffee shops, local schools, art galleries and in our neighbourhood association. They are active in their churches, sports clubs and with their families.
  • 30 employees (including 12 live-in Assistants). 14 of our day program participants live outside of the L’Arche community with family or other agencies. 
  • 40 volunteers. If we had to pay our volunteers, our staff costs would rise by 8%.

Our Impact in Canada

There are 136,500 Canadians over age 15 with an intellectual disability; about half are underserviced and on waiting lists. The average waiting time for residential placement is over 10 years. L’Arche has:

  • 29 L’Arche communities from Cape Breton to Vancouver Island
  • 528 individuals living in L’Arche homes and apartments
  • 271 individuals who do not live in a L’Arche home but receive work and day support from L’Arche
  • 671 part/full-time assistants and employees
  • 458 volunteers

Our Impact internationally

“Whatever their gifts or their limitations, people are all bound together in a common humanity”
—Jean Vanier
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