How can L'Arche Hamilton help you?

We want to partner with you! People with intellectual disabilities have much to offer society, engaging all of us to create a community that is inclusive and celebrates the contribution of every person.

Whether you are a school, youth group, business, association or church group, we have a program for you. L’Arche Hamilton leads workshops, retreats and presentations on topics including what it truly means to be inclusive in your organization, servant leadership and visual arts. We can come to you or you can come to our Creative Hands Art Studio or homes. We use a combination of storytelling, personal experiences, audio/visual aids, experiential activities, art studio tours and other programs designed for direct engagement.

Consider welcoming us to:

  • Facilitate mentorship leadership programs for high school students
  • Offer a retreat, conference or workshop on what it means to be truly inclusive in your workplace
  • Engage in leisure education programs including the visual arts
  • Lead an interactive workshop on servant leadership with your youth group
  • Prepare presentations on career classes at L’Arche
  • Engage in your school’s Grade 10 teaching on Jean Vanier and social justice
  • Participate in a Faith Day for teachers
  • Lead worship service for your congregation
  • Engage your youth group to grow in understanding of the gifts of those with intellectual disabilities in our community
  • Participate in your community event, neighbourhood planning meeting, art festival, charity walk and more!

L'Arche Hamilton loves to engage in our community. If you have an opportunity you think we could help with, please let us know. We regularly volunteer in the community. Whether individually or in small groups we love to support community initiatives and you will find us volunteering at local art galleries, shelters, schools, coffee shops and more throughout our city. #WeAreHamOnt