Why We Are Unique

L’Arche is the leader in supporting people with intellectual disabilities—in Canada and the world.

It’s more than a job

At L’Arche, our assistants live in our homes and work and spend time together with individuals with intellectual disabilities who we call "Core Members". The staff at other organizations live outside and work in shifts as caregivers to clients. Many times, they eat separate food and use different cutlery. Our communities value inclusion, security and dignity. Our commitment to “living with” as opposed to “caring for” is part of what makes us unique.

Our scope, scale and experience

L’Arche is the only organization in Canada providing comprehensive support services to people with intellectual disabilities that has a worldwide base of operations and experience.

  • 29 communities across Canada, from coast to coast
  • L’Arche in Canada has led the sector for almost 50 years
Even the littlest and weakest person has a gift for the community. That gift must be honoured. Each of us is different. But all together we are like a symphony.
—Jean Vanier, L’Arche Founder
L’Arche Hamilton
664 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8M 1K2

tel: 905‒312‒0162
fax: 905‒312‒0165


Change the World, One Heart at a Time.

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