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L’Arche Hamilton

664 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario, L8M 1K2

tel: 905‒312‒0162
fax: 905‒312‒0165

General information

Sue Mason, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 230,

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Karen Dennison, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 222,

Volunteer Coordinator and Community Relations

Paige McIsaac, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 224,

Coordinator of our Homes

Sarah Tuck, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 226,

Day program

Joanne Ernest, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 225,

Healthcare Coordinator and Spiritual Guide

Heather Harrison, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 228,

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Rachel Bakker, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 0,

Community Leader

Lynn Godfrey, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 223,

Board of Directors

Chair - Cindy Mindorff
Vice Chair - Catherine Thomas
Secretary - Margaret Carreiro
Treasurer - Mary Jean Marcuzzi
Members - Susan Docherty-Skippen, Robert Lee, Krutika Patil, Sharon White.

Openness does not imply weakness nor a tolerance which ignores truth and justice. Being open does not mean adhering to others’ ideologies. It means being truly sympathetic and welcoming to people, listening to them and in particular to people who are weak or poor or oppressed, so as to live in communion with them.
—Jean Vanier, L’Arche Founder
L’Arche Hamilton
664 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8M 1K2

tel: 905‒312‒0162
fax: 905‒312‒0165

Change the World, One Heart at a Time.

See the difference your donation can make to the life of a person with intellectual disabilities in Hamilton.