Whatever your initial motivation, you will soon realize that the people you come to help have much to teach you about life.

Be a friend: Some volunteers choose to develop a stable long-term friendship with an individual member. For example, a volunteer might cook dinner with a core member once every two weeks, go to a pottery class together or attend community events. Whether you want to go out for coffee with a core member or help with a gardening project, you are always welcome.

Offer your skills: Some volunteers become friends to a home by maintaining the garden of a house, or catch up on the sewing, or do seasonal cleaning or odd jobs in the home.

Share creativity: Some volunteers have a gift for art or programming and want to share this with the Day program and Creative Hands Art Studio. Or help in the office or with fundraising projects.

Grow your knowledge: Some volunteers come to L’Arche because they are interested in the field of intellectual disability. They may come as an Intern for a field placement through university or college. Or they may be drawn by our vision.

Be a part of a community: Some volunteers want a sense of community, to be with people of differing abilities, social origin, religion and culture. They want to experience a community built around the vulnerable members of our society.

Deepen your spiritual journey: Some volunteers come to L’Arche because of a social justice motivation or because the spiritual dimension of L’Arche attracts them.

To volunteer, contact Paige McIsaac, 905‒312‒0162 ext. 224, paige@larchehamilton.org.

My friendship with L’Arche began by being asked to be an ‘extra’ friend for Mary Mather from Holton House. We simply went out for coffee, a bite to eat and a stroll through the mall every Thursday night for a couple of hours. Mary opened my eyes up to the wonderful world of ‘shopping’ and has become a treasured friend of mine. Her enthusiasm for the simple pleasures in life have helped to ground and centre me, and to slow me down, although she actually has more energy than I do! Following her example, I am now more able to stay in the moment and to appreciate a bit of fun, conversation and her excitement over finding the perfect pair of earrings!
—Paula Neal, Volunteer
L’Arche Hamilton
664 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8M 1K2

tel: 905‒312‒0162
fax: 905‒312‒0165


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